Our Quest

To Reimagineer Our Own Mind  and Take Control of Our Own Destiny

Being the world’s only Social Media Diaspora,   we are the only bastion for those individuals who have grown sick and tired of the old worn-out narratives as well as  the “childish, primitive, barbaric and savage discourse” on social media that are being constantly regurgitated to each and every single one of us in one form or another.   

The reason for this constant bombardment of nonsense is simple:  It works each and every timewithout fail.     The Imagineers  (engineers of our imagination) of our time who set and control the narratives have determined that they are the only ones who have the capacity and ability to Engineer What Our Mind Can Imagine.   To wit,  they believe that we are too “primitive, barbaric and savage” to  be able to imagine things on our own and to engineer our own mind.   And that our only option will always be to respond or react to their narratives.

And  as much as it grieves us to admit,  the history of mankind, from time immemorial to this very second that you are reading this page,  proves them right.  However, that being said, for every beginning there is an end.

Social Media Watercooler now gives you the opportunity to  take off your blinders and finally learn how to make the decision to go in your own direction on your own – wherever that may lead.

Thus,  resolve today, this very second, to become your very own Imagineer  so that you may proclaim this date as the very first day of your liberation (from yourself).   Once you have accomplished this solemn task,  YOU will then be in a position to begin the long and arduous process and journey it will take for you to Reimagineer Your Own Mind – and your organization – in order to finally take control of your own destiny  and chart your own course on the road to Human Evolution.