The Continuum

In Your Country: A Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System

Appeal to All World Leaders: A Passport for Human Evolutionaries

CloudCoin: Is It A Ponzi Scheme? – Part 6

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Epic Struggle Between “The Free World” and “The Fair World”

Oppressors and Tyrants Seeking Freedom from Their Own Oppression and Tyranny

Rolling Down the Hill Expecting to Reach the Top of the Mountain

Intelligence Is Fuel for Launch of New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings

Adieu Mes Amis! Moving Beyond the Rhetoric

Tree of Human Evolution Drenched in Sea of Principled Geopolitical Leadership

The Fictional Narrative of a Rules-Based International Order

Rise of the Evolutionaries

Beneath…Lie Battered Souls

The Cataclysmic Effect of Polar Relationships

Virtual Organization Leadership: The Fascia of a New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings

Why a Virtual Organization Advisors Consultation Is a Smart Investment and Far-Reaching Business Decision

Appointment of Gildas Hekonme as Official Global Ambassador, Benin

I Don’t Care to “Do Business” With You, Your Organization or Government

CloudCoin: Is It a Ponzi Scheme? – Part 3

CloudCoin: Is It a Ponzi Scheme? – Part 2

CloudCoin: Is It a Ponzi Scheme? – Part 1

Treasure Chest for Advocates of Human Evolution

Why Is A Deep Insight Into Virtual Organizations A Must?

A Closed Mind Clings to Antiquity, Legacy, Dying Models and Their Carcasses

Will Quahl Make History and Become the Blockchain Version of PayPal?

Insanity Is the Rejection of Sanity and a Precursor to Knowledge Discovery

Sanity Is the Conformity to Insanity and Absurdities

Member-In-Principle: The Ultimate Membership Level

Will Fed Reserve Chair Jay Powell Make Digital Currency History On August 27, 2021?

Launch of Digital Currency Ethical Board

The Digital Currency Manifesto

Launch of Digital Currency Consortium

Exclusive Strategy for Official Global Ambassadors of Digital Currency Consortium

A 9:51 To 11:14 Talk With Rebecca Warfield On Human Evolution

Launch of Virtual Organization Advisors

My Agenda: Collaboration, Principled Geopolitical Leadership and Human Evolution

Open Door Policy For Friends, Colleagues and Social Media Contacts

The World’s Only Virtual Organization Careers Repository

The Virtual Organization Leadership Proof Is in the Coronavirus Virtual Leadership Challenge

The Latest Social Media Watercooler News and Events

Difference Between A CloudCoin Purist, CloudCoin Investor and RaidaTech Investor

All you need to know about CloudCoin digital currency stakeholders

Happy Holidays to All and A Happy New Year!

May the Infinite Wisdom grant you a happy new year.

A Special Holiday Gift to All CloudCoin Stakeholders

A basket full of gifts for CloudCoin stakeholders worldwide

CloudCoin: Exclusive Adoption Strategy for the General Population in Remote Villages of Least Developed Countries

An opportunity to take control of your own destiny

CloudCoin: Exclusive Adoption Strategy for Local Small Businesses in Remote Villages of Least Developed Countries

You can now be one of the pioneers of a new alternative financial system in your village

CloudCoin Digital Currency: Why A Currency Exchange With Sovereign Wealth Funds Is A Significant Break For Both

A new mandate for all sovereign wealth funds worldwide

My Answer to A CloudCoin Investor Re Stability and Volatility of CloudCoin

All you need to know about the stability and volatility of CloudCoin

CloudCoin: Exclusive Adoption Strategy for the Global General Population

A revolutionary digital currency adoption strategy for the global population

CloudCoin: Exclusive Adoption Strategy for Small Online Businesses

A revolutionary digital currency adoption strategy for small online businesses worldwide

Discover The Power of Collaboration and Principled Leadership

You are a Power of One and you hold the future of mankind in your hands

Adoption Strategy for CloudCoin As a Digital Global Reserve Currency

The future is finally here.   A Digital Global Reserve Currency

The Choice Is Yours: Remote Worker or Virtual Organization Leader?

It all boils down to whom you want to team up with:  Cowboys or The Military

Blueprint For A Thoughtful And Dignified Layoff

Find out why going above and beyond the call of duty is a two-way street

Official Global Ambassador: Your Integrity and Dignity Matter

Why your integrity and dignity is priceless and NOT negotiable

Official Global Ambassador: Clarification of Your Mission

A simplified version of your mission

TNVOW:: Battlespace for A New Global Civilization

Victory is possible only when you have knowledge of the battlespace

The High School Class of 2020: Builders of A New Global Civilization

It’s time to flip the script on the grown-ups and lead

Vile and Obscene: Compensation Based on Local Cost of Living

Find out why you should not be penalized for where you live

Your Choice: A Better World Or a Brand New World?

A brand new world is the only solution

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa

You’ll be surprised as to why I have erred so grievously

You Are NOT White, Black, Brown, Minority, Racist, Privileged or Disadvantaged

Believe it or not, you are just another human being

Folly of Visionary’s Frustration In The Land of the Blind, Deaf and Dumb

It’s useless trying to rush Mother Nature

Remote Workers: Response of Virtually-Disoriented Brick and Mortar Executive 

Time to regain your footing after being caught sleeping at the switch

Seize The Virtual Organization Leadership Force Initiative

No more time to waste.  The time is now

Cure for Coronabeervirus Has Been Found

In search of a Virus-Free world

The Signal You Send When You Are Late …

You will definitely be surprised by what you learn.

Exclusive Strategy for Distinguished Members of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives

Your guide to a productive association in the League

What Is A Distinguished Member of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives?

All you need to know about life as a Distinguished Member  in the most prestigious society of leading executives

Treatise On Political Evolution

The Ascension of  Politics to Principled Geopolitical Leadership

Antidote to Ransomware Attacks: A Virtual Organization COOP Force

You no longer have to feel helpless.   Here is the solution.

Corporate Housing in California for Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Program Participants

An excellent opportunity to meet the founder of VOMI and the virtual organization management discipline.

With Gratitude: My Last Post On Linkedin

Learned a great deal from being on LinkedIn.  It’s now time to move on.

Is Your COOP Strategy Out of Date Or “We’ll Cross That Bridge When We Get There”?

You can no longer afford to wait.  You are now standing in front of the bridge.  The future is here!

Comprehensive Guide to A World of Virtual Organizations: The New Virtual Organization World

All you need to know about The New Virtual Organization World.

Between China, Russia, USA: Which One Could Become Very First Enlightened Civilization?

The very first enlightened civilization is a strong possibility in the lifetime of the next generation.

The Role of Virtual Organization Management In Human Evolution

A critical look at the role of virtual organization management.

In The Grand Scheme of Things, Does Intelligence Really Matter?

It’s really up to you to find out.

What Is the Difference Between An Intelligent Being and A Human Being?

You will definitely be surprised by what you find.